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Business Central provides dedicated functionality for typical business areas, such as finance and sales. For more information, see Business Functionality.

To support those business area-specific tasks, you can use a variety of general business functionality, such as defining extended text for document lines and organizing connecting business tasks in workflows.

The following table lists these general business areas with links to topics that describe them.

To See
Add extra information to accounts, customers cards, or sales orders to communicate agreements, such as a special price or delivery method, to other users. Add Comments to Cards and Documents
View ongoing, posted, or archived documents that are related to sales and purchase order lines. Track Document Lines
Communicate the contents of business documents quickly to your business partners, such as the payment information on sales documents to customers. Send Documents by Email
Archive sales and purchase orders, quotes, return orders, and blanket orders, and you use the archived document to recreate the document that it was archived from. Archive Documents
Set up standard text codes so you can extend standard text by adding extra lines, and set up conditions for use of the extra lines. Add Extended Item Text
Create tasks to remind you of work to be done. You can create tasks for yourself, but you can also assign tasks to others or be assigned a task by someone else in your organization. Defining User Tasks
Attach pictures, documents, and other types of files to all cards, such as the item card and job card, and attach files to all types of sales and purchase documents. Attaching Files to Cards and Documents
Work with your Business Central data in Excel. Exporting Your Business Data to Excel
Let the system help you complete tasks quicker and more correctly by prefilling fields or complete lines with data that you would otherwise have to calculate and enter yourself. Letting Business Central Suggest Values
Record external documents, including their file attachments, and then manually create the related documents or automatically convert the files to electronic documents. Incoming Documents
Set up and use workflows that connect tasks performed by different users or by the system, such as automatic posting. Requesting and granting approval to create or post documents are typical workflow steps. Workflow
Set up data exchange definitions so you can send and receive electronic documents. Exchanging Data Electronically

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