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When performing business tasks, you interact with data in different ways, such as creating records and entering data, sorting and filtering data, writing notes, and outputting data to other applications.

For example, you can adjust the size and position of any page, expand the width of columns and increase the height of column headers, and change the sorting of data in columns. And if you want to use the horizontal scroll bar to view all columns on a list page or on document lines, you will see that there is a vertical freeze pane to restrict some columns from scrolling.

The following table lists some of the general functionality with links to topics that describe them.

To See
Change basic settings such as company, work date, and Role Center. Changing Basic Settings
Find a specific page or report. Using Search for Page or Report
Filter data in views, reports, or functions by using special symbols and characters. Searching, Filtering, and Sorting Data
Learn about how to sort data. Sorting Data
View or process data in specific date ranges. Entering Date Ranges
See which fields must be filled in. Detecting Mandatory Fields
Change which fields and actions are shown in the user interface to fit your company's business processes. Customizing Business Central
Change how you view lists of, for example, customers, vendors, or items. Displaying Lists in Different Ways
Modify the colored indicator on cues. Setting Up a Colored Indicator on Cues
Preview, print, or save reports. Working with Reports
Schedule a report to run at a specific date and time. Scheduling a Report to Run
Manage the content and format of reports and documents, including which data fields of a report dataset appear on the report and how they are arranged, text style, images, and more. Managing Report and Document Layouts
Learn how to work with general journals, which are used to post to general ledger accounts and other accounts such as bank, customer, vendor, and fixed assets accounts. Working with General Journals
Understand how the computer locale affects the user interface and the Help site and how to change the language. Changing Language and Locale
Learn about features and capabilities that make Business Central readily available to people with disabilities. Accessibility and Keyboard Shortcuts
Watch videos on selected functionality to help you get started. Videos on Common Tasks

Getting Around in Business Central

Here's a short video about how to get around in Business Central.

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